What do senior managers say?

“Neuville Industries saw improvements in shipping performance within three months of our initial trial period. OTTO has given us much greater visibility of order requirements, improving the effectiveness of our Scheduling department and allowing them to focus on servicing our customers, instead of running reports.

Due to the enhanced visibility OTTO has provided us in understanding our customer's order requirements, we've been able to improve our plant through-put time by 20% in the last year. We've also integrated OTTO into our inventory reduction process, where we've reduced our on-hand inventory by 25% while keeping on-time shipments in the 96-100% range.

We're a small to mid-size manufacturer and can't afford to purchase every piece of software or piece of equipment we see. Payback is the name of the game and OTTO paid for itself within six months through on-time shipments and efficiency improvements in our Planning and Scheduling areas.”

Jeff Neuville, President, Neuville Industries

“OTTO provides the means for keeping the whole production organization focused on the few things that have to happen as the ship date approaches to get each order shipped on time. Components that have potential for delaying an order are identified so they can be managed. Precious limited resources are spent managing the right things at the right time rather than digging out and analyzing data.

Knowing the right things to pay attention to at the right time, information provided by OTTO, has allowed on time shipping to be improved by 40 percentage points in less than one month and lead time to be reduced from 3-4 weeks to 1-2 weeks on the most important products. Guessing at what and how much of the work being processed is for real customer orders versus forecast is eliminated. This is especially important when capacity is short during the heavy portion of the business cycle.

By focusing on the right things at the right time, production expedites and interruptions are far fewer, production flow is much smoother and productivity is significantly improved.”

Roy Hackett, Plant Manager, Shenandoah Manufacturing Company

“I hope you have the patent on this application. OTTO is the solution to the problem I've always had with MRP/ERP systems: how to get answers to potential shortfalls to parts against the plan. Later versions of MRP and APS systems have simulation and 'what if' capabilities, however they still don't provide day to day visibility into 'potential delays'. Current 'brute force' solutions such as VMI or SMI attempt to overcome the limitations of MRP and even Kanban in today’s fast paced, high velocity, rapid response time environment to customers, normally resulting in mixed levels of success. OTTO on the other hand is an elegant solution to the problem — bringing potential shortfalls in supply clearly into view to allow the organization to proactively mitigate potential delays.”

Tom Kokernak, Senior Director of Supply Chain Management, Ortronics/Legrand