Getting Started
The evaluation process for business operations improvements and related software is normally fairly long because it takes time to first understand the software and then to analyze how it will be used. However, how the software works won't truly be understood until it is actually functioning in either a live environment or a simulation of that environment using a reasonably complete test database.

In order to overcome this challenge we use the following process:
  • Telephone meeting to discuss needs.
  • Webinar to determine common understanding.
  • Load data into OTTO for live demo.
  • No-obligation trial of the software.
Your only obligation is to supply resources to evaluate OTTO's capabilities. This approach allows you to see exactly how OTTO operates in your specific environment and what benefits you can gain. Several of our customers have actually realized sufficient benefits during the trial-period to justify their purchase of OTTO. Best of all, this evaluation approach offers you extremely low cost and low risk with the potential for high payback in a short period of time.